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  • 9 months ago

    Had an amazing time with @helenferon last week jamming at the Eindhoven trainstation piano ✌️😆 We ended up singing covers with amazing strangers and we met an amazing talented pianist @klachtenportaal_paters !! Was so much fun and people passing by stopped to see/film what the heck was going on 🤪 this is how we connected heart to heart, genuinely to realise we are not separated as society makes us believe! Keep on challenging yourself to dive into unusual situations to break through the fear of being judged! This is how we can make this life so much more epic, by getting out of the roleplay we were conditionned to follow 💞 This is aliveness that so much of us are to afraid to experience . . . . #awaken #thenow #stayauthentic #publicpiano #pianoplayer #heartfulness #connectwithpeople #truelove #inspiredaily #taoism

Address: Fair Play Casino, 44, Kerkstraat, Eindhoven, North Brabant, Netherlands, 5611GK, The Netherlands

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