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    For Life 🖥. From the time my aunt and uncle taught me to play piano - I was 8 years old - to the different opportunities this instrument has taken me and people I was connected to, I am still thankful to have stuck with it. To learn something and perfect your craft is not easy but oh so worth it. From leading the choir at an old church to playing small gigs all over this planet, it is actually all about the journey (as cliché this might sound, it’s true). There were times when I ignored and dismissed my place at the piano. False humility etc. I am simply thankful tonight as I am posting this picture, maybe inspired by the Grammy Countdown I see looking up to the tv. Who knows where this road is leading. One step at a time. 🖥 (@viktorpenner @thenadiameli ) . . . #piano #uprightpiano #instrument #pianoplayer #musician #photoshoot #pianooutside #pianoonthestreet #field #brown #green #beauty
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    Video by: @eaerfanea It’s fingerpicking friday! What is your favorite fingerpicking song? Follow us for daily video’s! Tag your video with #justsomestreetmusic to get featured! #streetmusic #publicpiano #streetartist #music #publicmusic #piano #violin #ukulele #guitar #cover #acoustic #singing #playmeimyours #fingerpicking #finger #strumming #man #guitarist
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    I spent the last 3 days pretty much every night at the Barnes & Nobels around the corner from where I live. It’s been absolutely awesome. I was reading books and writing down my own thoughts. I believe, the more I try to grow and be wiser in life, I believe that there is actually just one way to live, and so mean actually to live a life of purpose and meaning and that is “of service to others”. I think true fulfilment happens when you do things for others. And that looks different for everyone of us. In my journey of becoming brave(er) in my music, my creativity there will always come a point, I believe, where it’s not about the music or the creativity at all, it’s about a bigger intention. I don’t believe god gave me the gift creating music for myself. No, it’s to be passed on, to be given away so it can impact people, move them, change them, inspire them to unlock their potential for THEIR God given destiny on this planet. I have lived for soooo many years a life without a real purpose. Locked in a bubble of church (building) that it was about “us” and “them”. No Goals, no dreaming, no great plan for my life. I was not ALLOWED to live up to my potential and even go beyond where I myself cannot take me. Anyway, if you want to live life for yourself that’s cool but also boring and unfulfilling. It will be good for a while but something will be missing.... #lifeofservice . . . #service #life #potential #gift #giftforhim #blackandwhitephoto #nadiameli #piano #music #musicaly #musician #tree #pianooutside #wild #nature #naturephotography #explorer #exploretheworld #inspirationalquotes

Address: Blankenbacher Straße, Bellers, Nentershausen, Werra-Meißner-Kreis, Hesse, 36214, Germany

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