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    . Sing for Hope Piano: Harmony on Earth. Sing for Hope Piano Artist: Diane Tonelli. Piano Location: Rockaway Park. About the Piano:  My proposed piano artwork would connect with the community as a piece of art meant to encourage interest, not only in playing the piano, but in ecology, wildlife, and conservation. Art and Design are being integrated more into the sciences, and it has become recognized as an important process in our learning. I’ve done numerous murals depicting the same subjects in hospitals throughout Florida and have enjoyed knowing that they have been valuable in promoting healing too. As beneficial as it is that the pianos expose communities to art, I think the same could be said for biology, ecology, and learning something new. Manatees are large gentle herbivores that became endangered mainly because of habitat destruction and humans not being careful in their boats. Their numbers were as a low as 500 at one point. It wasn’t until the government and community took steps together to educate the public about them, and enact laws against harming them, that their population has been on the rise. Saving the Manatees has taken everyone working together for a future good. If my piano teaches this, there may be a future musical marine biologist that becomes inspired by my artwork! About the Artist:  Diane Tonelli is a Florida based artist whose sea life murals, whimsical children’s murals, and Italian scenery murals can be seen in residences, museums, hospitals, health care centers, and many commercial buildings in St. Petersburg and the entire Central Florida area. A native Kentuckian, she studied art at Memphis State University (now known as the University of Memphis) and after graduation worked as a Graphic Artist at the St. Petersburg Times before becoming a freelance artist. She produces commissioned portrait art, including people, dogs, buildings and even cars. She has also painted on every kind of furniture imaginable, turning armoires into “bunny hutches”, dressers into “jungles”, and Adirondack chairs into beautiful parrots. Photo by: @Pianist without borders #singforhope #artforall #people #ny #pianistwithoutborders #music #piano970
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    Just Sing, Sing a Song! #singforhopepianos #singforhope #rockawaybeachnyc #rippers86 #charity #nonprofit #givingfeelsgood #thecarpenters

Address: 115-10, Rockaway Beach Boulevard, Rockaway Park, Queens, Queens County, New York, 11694, United States of America

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