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    Found a #hospitalpiano !!! Yes - I was having flashbacks to my projects #yertapianolounge and #yourpianolounge! Love #publicpianos. 💖 + I ran into @loreleimedcalf wandering the halls of the hospital there and she took this vid- the piano is part of her teams work at #flindersmedicalcentre and #artsinhealth - * I had a bit of a play today - I’m no pro however I got a few smiles and one nice lady said ‘ you are beautiful’ ( I’ve been in the same clothes for 3 days- but thanks- I know what you mean). + + Lots of other arts stuff going on down this section of the hospital too. Wish I had found your piano 3 days ago though! X I could have done with a map! #contemporaryart #hospitals #arttherapy #piano

Address: Flinders Medical Centre, University Hall Access, Bedford Park, City of Mitcham, South Australia, 5042, Australia

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