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    Well, we can’t cheer for the Riders this fall, so we might as well paint the piano green! Shea and Sharlyn gave us this piano this summer. They found this beaut in the ally of their previous home in Cathedral. Shea knows his pianos and would have 10 if he could, but with already owning a baby grand, they were willing to give this one to us! He said they always wanted to paint it and gave us full reign to paint it. With it not being a family heirloom and having no sentimental attachment to it, how could I not? My initial dream was to paint it a soft, muted blush, but Jeremy stepped in and gave his kind, but firm opinion of Baker playing a pink piano one day. We can’t give the guy an easy argument to fight us on his daily practicing time, right? (We all know the feeling of the egg timer on the piano not ringing quick enough.) Okay, so Jeremy was right (again!) and we went for the next best thing- green! This #fusionmineralpaint colour is #bayberry and is the same colour as the school cabinet in our formal dining room. I can’t wait for our home to be filled with music over the years and to brush up on my piano skills. I currently play like a level 2, but can you believe that I actually played at a grade 8 level? #paintedpiano #piano #fusionmineralpaint #bayberry @fusionmineralpaint @nikisfarmhouse_ #paintedfurniture #yqr

Address: Macro Business Place, 2505, 11th Avenue, Washington Park, Regina, Census Division No. 6, Saskatchewan, S4P 0K5, Canada

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