Public Pianos

Find a public piano to play.

Please do not play any public pianos to help stop the spread the COVID-19 virus. We need to work together to stop this pandemic and save lives.


The piano is the only musical instrument that has found its way into public spaces for anyone and everyone to enjoy. Often called "street pianos" or "public pianos" these instruments have been observed all around the world, from the streets of London, to the suburbs of Japan, to a small fishing town in the United States.

A janky piano in the streets of Seattle.

These pianos are often found in airports and train stations. They provide passerbys a chance to relax and take a break from a hectic pace of life. Seeking out these pianos can be difficult, because the pianos are relatively rare and their locations mostly unknown. This website, Public Pianos, attempts to catalog all locations of all known public pianos to facilitate access to anyone and everyone. Find a piano near you, right now!

The location of each public pianos is sourced from online wikis, social media, personal knowledge, and from users like you. Consider contributing public pianos by submitting them online or tagging their location on Instagram with the hashtag #streetpiano or #publicpiano.

A piano in a public park at night.

This website gives each piano has its own webpage which you can use to look up it's address, check its availability, or leave comments. In some cases the piano is available seasonly, so it is helpful to check the site to check if it's available to play before venturing to try it. In the case the piano site is not up-to-date, consider updating so others in the future can know. 

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