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The Maestro! Magnanimous Magnifique Malek Jandali @malekjandali musician extrodinaire and founder of @pianosforpeace I had the honour of a quick tête-à-tête with him at @nmoqatar a few weeks ago. We need more Malek's in this world! wallahi!! Can't wait to see the piano's in Qatar inshallah soon✌🏾❤️👌🏽🙏 #bigbmeetup #pianosforpeace #malekjandali #unityincommunity @almayassabnthamad @pianosforpeace @ashrafabuissa @al_khori @nasseralkhater @nmoqatar @yearsofculture @ga4good #nowisall #yearofculture @qatarcreates.ar @qatarcreates #ga4festival2021

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