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    Ya bu hayat çok acaip ve fazla güzel bugün sabah piyanomu çok özledim diyordum şuraya buraya gidip gezeyim derken karşıma iki tane public piano çıktı mutluluktan geberiyorum😂 iki tane de izleyicim var hhahahahah 🤡 #aliciakeys #piano #publicpiano #singaporemusicians
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    Video of the Day. #playitforwardsg #underthebridge #ourfaveplacesg #Repost @raeraegoh with @repostapp ・・・ When we were trying on the street piano.... Something happened.... 👀 @tingfangonq #playmeimyours #streetpianossg #sillyuncle 🙈
  • 6 years ago

    We love creating wonderful memories for people around the world. #underthebridge #merlion #ourfaveplacesg #Repost @darrenawaken with @repostapp ・・・ | First Time 😎👍 First time being a pianist for a Indonesian couple's marriage proposal - Careless Whisper. First time meeting 5 new friends from FuJian province while playing Xiao Xing Yun. First time playing Pirates Of The Carribean with a little Korean boy (4 years old and his 2 years old brother). First times are awesome, treasure your first times. - #PlayItForward #PlayItForwardSG #VSCO #VSCOcam #VSCOgood #iPhone6S #iPhone #6S #MarriageProposal #MBS #SingaporeRiver #ExploreAsia #ExploreSG #ExperienceSG #FirstTime
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    We love creating opportunities for impromptu jam sessions by everyday people in public places. #playitforwardsg #underthebridge #merlion #ourfaveplacesg #Repost @darrenawaken with @repostapp ・・・ | Call Me Maybe 🤗💃🎼 An impromptu session with my new friend, Simon Barthel, from Germany. Enjoy your trip Simon! P.S. Baby in the background is killing it 😂😆👍 Future dancer!!!
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    The Lim siblings pianos now join Igor and Melissa under the Esplanade Bridge at the other end. Check out that fantastic architecture and acoustics! #playitforwardsg #merlion #park #underthebridge #ourfaveplacesg

Address: Merlion Park, Downtown Core, Central, 049215, Singapore


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