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    Kathryn, a young Chinese girl sits down at the public piano in NYC’s port authority bus terminal. Troy, an old Egyptian homeless man sits down outside of the terminal, holding his ears to protect from the blaring NYC sounds. Kathryn presses a few keys ear testing it’s tune. She sets up her, cut-in-half gallon milk jug, for tips. Troy sets up his mangled cardboard that reads, “need bus ticket home!” Kathryn looks around at people sprinting for buses, tourists holding maps, and a service dogs sniffing butts. Kathryn leads with Beethoven number 5 from memory. A few people begin to gather toward the end of the song and muster up a slight round of applause. Kathryn smiles as people drop money in her jar. Outside, Troy throws his sign into traffic and storms inside holding his ears. He can’t escape the noise but the moment Troy walks in he hears Kathryns music. Troy lowers his hands from his ears, it’s beautiful. Troy barges his way through the fully formed crowd and sits with Kathryn on her bench just as she finishes a song. The crowd claps, Troy opens his tear filled eyes and for the first time in weeks he smiles. Kathryn pats his shoulder and everyone laughs. Kathryn plays for hours and as the day moves, Kathryns tip jar overflows so Troy begins holding some in his hands. Kathryn plays and plays and plays her music. As the crowd leaves Troy dumps his hands into hers saying, “thank you for soothing my ears.” Kathryn smiles folding her dollar bills and condensing all of her change in her milk jug. “Thank you for being so honest.” Kathryn hands him the entire loot and leaves. Troy begins to cry, now he can get home. 🍺📸: @thechuckd . . . . #beer #foam #story #piano #publicpiano #pianist #music #homeless #helpingothers #love #generosity #home #ears

Address: 7, North 15th Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, 11222, United States

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