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    Lil clip of my impromptu playing at this gorgeous community piano in Bar Harbor! Such a pretty piano on a beautiful cool fall day! These community pianos are so much fun! I𠆝 like to find more!! 🌈🎶 Anybody recognize this (cover) song from this short bit?? Just curious… (Full vid just posted on my YT channel if you must know.. 😉 it’s a short piece though!) /sarahragsdale #piano #communitypiano #barharbor #maine #newengland #music #pop #coversong #acadia
  • 1 year ago

    So …what do you think happened with this beautiful instrument sitting all by itself in the middle of the park?? 🎹🎶🌈 #communitypiano I love the quote on the front… “There’s a song in my soul and I feel it stirring” Phil Wickhem #songinmysoul #barharbor #maine #piano
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    #staygroovy #pianointhepark #beethovens5th #threestringbanjo #mainecation #vacationland

Address: 66, Mount Desert Street, Bar Harbor, Hancock County, Maine, 04609, United States


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―tyzkxrgky ( 1 month ago )

Is this piano still available?

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