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    Sound: the concept is simple, in a transitory space people are arriving, leaving...moving in general, and so naturally don’t give as much importance to sound..supposedly. In a train station The majority of the sounds are consequential rather than intentional. However, if you add one note with design, it changes our impression of the space and how we engage with it. Train stations have have hundreds of clambering sounds, as if they themselves are in a hurry. The fierce engines, scurrying luggage wheels or the jarring metal clang of change in the ticket machine. All of these are just side factors of a product, rather than a designed sound. By altering or adding to the acoustic humdrum, it can change the structure just like any other form of interior design. The sound can be as important as the architecture itself in some buildings, and when it is sound for the beauty of sound, it makes you stop and listen because that is ITS purpose, not speed or efficiency. This piano was introduced three years ago as part of a brilliant project with united streets piano Italia, (with Sofia Taliani)that has now managed to place pianos all over the city and the country. Inspired by Kings Cross station in London. #venicepianoproject #publicpianos #sound #acousticarchitecture #interiordesign design #playmeimyours #streetpiano #intentionaldesign #unitedstreetspianoitalia
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    Das ist Streetpianovideo 1️𠸱️⃣ An dem Tag hatte es in Berlin mega geregnet ... und trotzdem seid ihr alle gekommen 🙂 Und für alle die nicht dabei waren: So klingt #passagiere am Klavier 🎹 Album vorbestellen ► iTunes: http://www.umgt.de/cIIIQL ► Amazon: http://www.umgt.de/p9lNu4 Haha und dieser Hund war so tiefenentspannt :-D Wer sieht ihn? 📹 @dannyjungslund
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    #venice #piano #trainstation #trainstationpiano #streetpiano #wenecja #kiedymusiszczekacnasamolotktoryjestnastepnegodnia

Address: San Polo, Venezia-Murano-Burano, Mestre, Venice, Venezia, Veneto, 30170, Italy

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