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    Once a week, I would get up at 5 AM. Gather my things, drink coffee, and get out. Take the train to Tel Aviv (I guess there is no hour at which this train is NOT full). Get off at Tel Aviv University station.Just as I get down from the platform to the station, I can already see the piano, standing in the middle of a giant round sticker on the floor. A wave of excitement and dread washes over me. I get to the piano, open the lid, put my tipping hat on the piano, my business cards near it. A bottle of water on the floor. Facebook Live is on, and I begin.It feels like takeoff. The feelings get scrambled: fear that they won't listen, and a big anticipation that they will. I see my music "catching" people in the crowd, passing by. They stop and just stand there, looking at me, looking at the floor, listening. At the end of the day I find in my hat all sorts of treasures. Local money, coins from foreign countries, and folded papers."You made my day, I sat with you for an hour and missed my lecture but it was worth it""I didn't have any money to put, but thank you from the bottom of my heart". I cannot summarize this experience in two words. It was heart warming, life changing, and extremely important for me. It made me understand that MY people, MY audience, is THERE somewhere. And I found many of them those days. People who feel better thanks to my music. A year ago, Israeli Keshet television shot an interview (that included playing at a railway station :) ) about me and other piano players who participated in the project. The link to my interview is in MY BIO, and also in FIRST COMMENT to this post.@keshet12 @mako.il @israrail #piano #trainstation #trainstationpiano #playingthepiano #discoverpage #musiciansofinstagram #streetpianist #streetmusician #viralmusic #רכבת #פסנתר #מוסיקה #מוזיקה #undiscoveredartists #

Address: קאנטרי טופ קלאב, Morad HaGai, Šikkun ha Myassdim, Karmiel, Acre Subdistrict, North District, 2195106, Israel

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