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  • 2 years ago

    REPOST @melissaenglephotography • 𠇌ityscapes with Mekai. This week I’m sharing some of the good things I’ve seen and experienced in 2020. I love all the new murals that were painted around Lancaster City this year. This one was painted by @keishafinnie in collaboration with @mfelancaster. Normally businesses sponsor pianos that are put around various locations in the city but this year they decided not to do it because of c*vid and non-profit Music For Everyone Lancaster hired local artists to paint murals instead.” #ilovelancastercity #visitlancastercity #lancasterseniorphotographer #lancastercitymurals #livecolorfully #melissaenglephotography #717creative #keysforthecity #musicforeveryonelancaster #downtownlancaster #lancastercitypa #theeverydayportrait #beunraveled #lensbabysol45 #sonya7iii #lancasterpaphotographer #alwayslancaster
  • 3 years ago

    Piano students and friends enjoyed @mfelancaster ‘s 1st Annual Key Krawl playing the pianos around downtown Lancaster. #keysforthecity #musicforeveryone #keykrawl2019 #mencheymusicservices

Address: 94, Highland Drive, Eastland Hills, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 17602, United States


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Available 1 year ago.

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