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    ✨There is a piano on the Malaya Sadovaya Street. Those who know how to play - are playing, the rest are listening. On this video, a composer Pasha Kantorov performs his music. For the musical community of St. Petersburg, his surname says a lot: Pasha’s father Alexander Kantorov is a creator, leader and conductor of the famous orchestra 𠇌lassica”, he is an Honoured Artist of Russia. Therefore, Pasha ironically calls himself an UNhonored artist. @classictours_russia talked with him and found out that not only the sounds of the piano, but also the appearance of this instrument on the street is his doing. “Last year I had a rough time in my personal life and I needed to distract myself. So, I placed the piano here and began to play. Then other pianists joined. Now there are a lot of good musicians playing here, we make schedule and set the rules together. Sometimes the weather makes its own adjustments, and not just the weather. Once there was a case when another pianist was playing, not me, and the police officers approached, and began to ask what was going on… A famous actor Yuri Galtsev was passing by and told them: “Why do you interfere the piano playing?” And you know, the cops were gone. There are a lot of good reviews about us. But, unfortunately, anything can happen on the street - bullies, for example. Probably it’s better not to write about it. A street is a street 😉 ☀󾃻ook a guide in Saint Petersburg: +79626856434 #stpetersburg #streetpiano #streetmusic #nevskyavenue #tourstorussia #guideinstpetersburg

Address: Дом Радио, 2/27, Malaya Sadovaya Street, Palace District, Saint Petersburg, Northwestern Federal District, 191011, Russia

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