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    I’m beyond grateful for music. I’m not the most eloquent speaker or writer so music seems to fill that gap for me. Growing up and before we moved to Washington my sisters and I would sing and play the piano together. I loved the way our voices would blend and knit us together. My children all play musical instruments now and most of them sing. It is fun to watch them now blending their voices and talents. Music has always been the language of my heart and I’m beyond grateful when others share those talents too. Dance parties are a regular occurrence in our home and help get us out of our bad moods or celebrate our good moods. Music is a way of life at our home and brings so much peace and happiness into our life. * * * * #givethanks #musictherapy #singingtime #danceparties #keepingupwiththehaags #pianoplayer #paintedpiano #raisingmyherd #makingahouseahome #washingtonmom #mamabird #songbird
  • 5 years ago

    Look guys! It’s a picture I took of my house! Of this one wall that is clean 😂 Josh is the best antique shopping buddy. He spotted this vintage sheet music that I walked by and missed completely, and suggested we get some for our 100 year old piano. I’m so glad he did! He’s pretty much found every antique purchase we’ve ever made. 😂 He’s much better at spotting the treasures than I am. That’s how it is in our life too - it was his idea to build a house, his idea to start a business. I’m just over here trying to catch up with his ideas that are way ahead of mine! But he will tell you I’m the careful and steady one, who will thoughtfully consider and pray over his ideas. When I say “let’s do it” he knows it’s the right time. It’s like God put us together, knowing we would each need the balance the other brings. How do you and your person balance each other? . . . . #paintedpiano #antiquepiano #cottagesandbungalows #myhousebeautiful #anniesloanchalkpaint #sunsetmag #modernfarmhouse #farmhouseinspired #vintagefarmhouse #farmhousechic #shiplap #blackpiano #howwedwell #hobbylobbyfinds #magnoliahome #targetfinds #mycountryhouse #diyhome #apartmenttheraphy #betterhomesandgardens #bhghome
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    I think we survived our first big sleepover! I can already hear the girls starting to wake up downstairs, where do they get the energy?! I think my favorite part was introducing them to It Takes Two, the old Mary Kate and Ashley movie I used to love when I was their age! It was recommended to me in my last post to put on an older movie instead of a current one, because most of them have probably already seen the current movies. That was awesome advice and I’m glad I followed it! I hope you guys aren’t tired of looking at this piano yet. 😉 So many of you had questions about what we used and how we did it, so I put together a blog post with all the details! The link is in my bio. ❤️ Well the requests for French toast are starting to come in, so I guess I should get moving! 😂 . . . . #diyprojects #paintedpiano #blackpiano #cottagesandbungalows #mycozyhome #charminghomes #shiplapwalls #vintagefarmhouse #heyhomehey #interiors2you #designinthedetails #farmandhome #homeandfarm

Address: Chelan County, Washington, United States

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