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    **Swipe left for before** One of my goals for 2019 was to repaint and refinish some old furniture around the house. My piano, a gift from Jonathan on our first Valentine’s Day together, was a mess. The finish was so old it was sticky. Yes, sticky! If you sat on the seat, it would stick to you. This made wanting to sit and play kind of annoying 🤣 So, after attempting a few other projects, I mustered up the courage to actually paint my piano. And I’m so happy I did! Two weeks, a can of @retiqueitliquidwood chalk paint, three coats of @kilzbrand high adhesive primer, carnauba wax, some sanding and lots of love, and she’s done! Now on to 2020 goals: a French dresser and executive desk 🎹🤍🖤

Address: Forsyth Park Fountain, East Gaston Street, Savannah Historic District, Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia, 31401, United States


Does anyone know what building this piano is in? I’m assuming the map location is approximated, since a) the picture was taken inside and b) there isn’t a piano at the fountain.

―@amphibiology8705 (youtube) ( 5 months ago )


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Is this piano still available?

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