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    . MY COMPANION I wish I could play piano. I have never tried to learn though... I always admire people who can. But not in fancy, Extravagant concert halls. In Amsterdam Centraal for example When I was not sure to buy train ticket To Brussels For my companion too... My companion To eternity At least that days I believed in. My companion Who still couldn't cross the border Because of some political shit. At that moment There was a piano tingling. I was admiring. Or beside Vaclav Havel Memorial There was another one. While sharing a sandwich She was complaining about how hot weather is I was smiling to my beloved companion That I loved and it was reciprocal... There is a cute and modest public piano In Mariacka street too. It makes me think about her I wish I could play piano. I have never tried to learn though... #piano #publicpiano #poland #katowice #mariacka #street #streetphotography #sokakfotografciligi #fujifilm #fujifilmcz #xt10 #xt10creativityeveryday #xf35f2 #fujifilmtr #poetry #poem #instapoet

Address: 10, Mariacka, Śródmieście, Katowice, Górnośląsko-Zagłębiowska Metropolia, Silesian Voivodeship, 40-014, Poland


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