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    Very cool space for anyone who wants to play piano and sing, I was very lucky to pass by when this young lady was singing #gent #Ghent #outdoorpiano #belgium #belgien🇧🇪
  • 6 years ago

    'Some time ago I was invited in Ghent to come to play the public pianos organised by a well known musician from Belgium @sioensioen who got inspired when he saw public pianos in another city. I love the way they did the design and each piano was very well looked after, this small town is really beautiful especially in the night it looks like a film set and you feel you are in the movie :) . This is what happen when you do whatever it is from your heart, simply you create magic no matter what field you are magic will always happen. Music is love, share your talent and gift and inspire and support others to do so ... ONE LOVE' #pianistwithoutborders #artforall #Ghent #123piano #publicpiano #publicpianos #improvisation #pianistcomposer #streetpiano @iggent @visitgent @stadgent - Repost from @pianist_without_borders

Address: Stadshal, Poeljemarkt, Sint-Jacobs, Ghent, Gent, East Flanders, Flanders, 9000, Belgium

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