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    いつかの金沢駅。 弾いた中𰙱番好きな駅ピアノは日本にあります✨ 今は利用stopになってるかな、また行けますように。 The best street piano I've met so far 🎹 Miss it. #金沢駅 #駅ピアノ #アシタカとサン #ジブリ好き #ピアノ好き #kanazawastation #stationpiano #japan #pianolover #pianoplayer #ashitakaandsan #studioghiblimusic #🎹 #throughback2019
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    The series of my photos in Kanazawa comes to an end with a street piano at Kanazawa station. I came across it underground to the other side of the symbolic gate(Tsuzumi-mon) , where apparently no one was walking through. Thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, the piano was literally closed along with some spider webs. It is named “Memorable piano” and is certainly a prick for my impression. #kanazawa #kanazawastation #streetpiano #piano #pianoforte #clavia #街角ピアノ #ピアノ #memorable #思い出のピアノ #travel

Address: Tsuzumimon Gate, 昭和大通り, Aokusamachi, Kinoshinbomachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, 920-0858, Japan


I played this piano on Nov. 9, 2023. I went back a couple of times and only very rarely saw anyone else playing it. The piano was a Yamaha grand, and it had the best sound and touch that I have experienced on a public piano. Go through the wooden torii gate, head toward the station, descend the escalator before the entrance to the station, and the piano should be on the right.

―Bennett ( 8 months ago )


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