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    I have to admit, I’ve always had a black thumb when it comes to plants. 🌱 In our old home I killed off more plants than I wish to admit... and yet, I continue to buy plants. I’ve gotten better over the years as I research what grows best where, how much sun and water each needs, and gage when a plant has overgrown its pot. In this process, I’ve discovered that plants are a lot like people. We each are different and require different conditions to fully thrive. Some of us need more water, some of us less. Some of us need full sun, some need indirect sun, and others can continue to live even when there is no sun. And guess what? We too might find that people will outgrow the pot that they were planted in. I hate when this happens, in fact, my fiddle leaf fig outgrew it’s pot months ago and I’ve just had the hardest time picking a new pot to transplant it to, as a result it’s leaves are beginning to fall. There’s a phrase I love, “grow where you are planted” ... it’s always been a reminder to me to do the best to thrive no matter where I am & let the ultimate gardener do his work on me where I am at. But we also have to accept that we & the people around us, even those we manage/ supervise, might outgrow the “where” of where they are planted... a diligent gardener constantly keeps watch of the health of each plant, making sure that the environment is ideal for its health and growth. I wonder how much better those people who have been entrusted to us would thrive and grow if we cared for them like a master gardener cares for their plants? 🌱 We might be called crazy plant people (which is just code for a great leader).

Address: San Diego Creek Trail, Oak Creek, Irvine, Orange County, California, 92604, United States

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