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    || P i a n o || A shot from last summer, when I spotted this solitary piano in a charming, little backstreet of Caorle. \nI had started playing the piano only a couple of months before, so this... seemed like a sign! \nAnd so... I hesitantly stepped closer. Should I dare to play? There were almost no people around anyways. Would I fuck up the few songs I knew with the agitation of playing in public? \nAnd whose piano was this anyways? \nWas it maybe even for the tourists, encouraging them to play? \nYes, this must be it...they WANT people to play! What a cool town! I wish we had public pianos like this back in Germany! \nAnd just when the minuscule, teeny tiny bold part of my personality started chanting \

Address: 6085, Cicerón, Bella Italia, Punta Rieles, Montevideo, 12200, Uruguay

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