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    All the parts of the greenhouse are my favorite parts of the greenhouse but the outdoor piano is close to the top of my list. Why a piano in the woods? Just because it’s so pretty. It’s really hard to move pianos so finding one in the outdoors is rare but I’ve always wanted to photograph a romantic scene like this. So, I found a piano and hired movers and it will live here behind the greenhouse until nature reclaims it. 📷 @heartlovephoto #outdoorpiano #pianointhewoods #greenhouse #photographervenue #photovenue #engagementsezsionvenue #annapolisphotovenue #annapolisphotographer #annapolisengagementphotographer #annapolisproposal #surpriseproposal

Address: Sunnyview Acres, Anne Arundel County, Maryland, 21054, United States

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