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    Happy Mardi Gras Weekend y’all! 🌈❤️🎵 Here is a picture I took walking through Main St Dallas last year. At the time we just thought it was random, but pretty! But after some research I have discovered that it is part of the #playondallas cultural art installation. The pianos were painted by a local artist, and placed in a few key 🎹 locations around the city for anyone to play. Poppy Xander — who is an artist and a lifelong Dallas resident says "Play On, Dallas" goes beyond music. It's an equalizer... “It can bring people together,” And isn’t that just the truth! ❤️💛💖💚💜🧡💙 #mardigras2019 @poppyxander #redandyellowandpinkandgreen #dallastexas #fearlesslovemore #sydneymardigras
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    Play on, Dallas!
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    Photos by @weatherfox for @guidelive / Yes, you can play those pretty pianos that have popped up across Dallas. Find them at #PegasusPlaza, the @dallasfarmersmarket and @dallaslovefield airport. But they're only there for a limited time. #playondallas #piano #ticklingtheivories #dallasart #dallasmusic

Address: Dero, Main Street, West End Historic District, Downtown PID, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, 75226, United States


Pegasus Plaza | Public Pianos <a href="http://www.gv9f63659751trij3c5zft6af1f74sz5s.org/">aiszjrpo</a> iszjrpo http://www.gv9f63659751trij3c5zft6af1f74sz5s.org/ [url=http://www.gv9f63659751trij3c5zft6af1f74sz5s.org/]uiszjrpo[/url]

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Pegasus Plaza | Public Pianos <a href="http://www.gq6p19h2f4a6s81zftd24314jr62dy3fs.org/">arlgtslbic</a> rlgtslbic http://www.gq6p19h2f4a6s81zftd24314jr62dy3fs.org/ [url=http://www.gq6p19h2f4a6s81zftd24314jr62dy3fs.org/]urlgtslbic[/url]

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