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    THIS!! Bravo @cityofpickering 👏 How fabulous! This park is outside my condo, and it is blossoming not only with the most beautiful horticulture, flowers and giant trees, but also, art sculptures, chess tables, and this most wonderful piano for all to play, as my Iris is doing here... 🥰 #pianointhepark #cityofpickering

Address: 1, Esplanade South, Liverpool, Glen Grove, Pickering, Durham Region, Golden Horseshoe, Ontario, L1V 0A5, Canada


I can't find the Piano

―Andrew Kerner ( 1 week ago )


Not available 1 week ago.
Available 2 weeks ago.
Available 2 years ago.
Available 2 years ago.
Not available 2 years ago.

Is this piano still available?

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