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    Hey guys 👋🏼 
Here’s a little video from 4 years ago of me (Samy) playing this amazing street piano in South Korea 🇰🇷 .
It remembers me of those days without any crazy virus going around 🦠 
We want to share this and we hope that you’re all safe. .
We’re waiting to go on the stage again and we can’t wait to see people dance, laugh and cry, all together ♥️
.𠊏ollow us and comment a 🎹 to see the Part 2 of this video ✨ (Hint : part 2 will be a pirates of the Caribbean medley) . . . . . TAGS: #streetpiano #pianocover #pianostyle #pianoworld #piano #streetmusician #interstellar #interstellarcover #hanszimmer #hanszimmercover #musicians
  • 3 years ago


Address: 862, E. Pantaleon, New Makaturing Housing Project, Barangka Itaas, Mandaluyong, Eastern Manila District, Metro Manila, 1211, Philippines

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