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    Nico in the piano at Bunyapa Park, West End, March 2018
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    Piano tunes! #piano #pianointhepark #tunes #loveit #brisbane #westend #ilovebrisbane #home #saturdaymorning
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    Love ya West End 😘

Address: 68, Vulture Street, Hill End, West End, Brisbane City, Queensland, 4101, Australia


It looks like it used to be a piano.

―. ( 11 months ago )

Stopped here about 2 weeks ago, didn't get a chance to play, but listened to one of the local homeless guys play for a bit. There were 2 pianos there, and both sounded relatively in tune (for outdoor instruments) If you happen to see Shane (one of the local homeless men) feel free to have a jam with him, he's a nice guy and plays quite well. Buy him lunch or something as a thank you.

―Nik ( 1 year ago )


Not available 1 month ago.
Available 1 year ago.

Is this piano still available?

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