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    Cincinnati got a foot piano in they main park 🎹. The third key from the left was broken tho 😂. Still Good Music. 🎼 . . . #Piano #FootPiano #OutdoorPiano #🎹 #PianoKeys #PianoMan #OhioPlayers #SoothingSounds #FootWork #Tunes #🎼 #SmaleRiverFrontPark #Cincinnati #Ohio
  • 4 years ago

    We got to play the giant outdoor piano in Cincinatti and it was the coolest thing!!! 🤩🎹🎶😂 What a fantastic park and a great idea! We super recommend this city guys! 👍 And for us I'm just so grateful to be able to travel full time with my family and experience moments like this 🙌 I remember as a kid being so excited to travel with my parents and that happened only once a year (if that!). Do you also have those memories vivid in your mind? I remember them so clearly!!! 💭 So having my daughter enjoy this life now traveling everywhere with us is truly amazing! Everything worth having is worth sacrificing and working for! I love helping people make a change for better in their lives, especially the moms out! Ladies, you can work smart and enjoy life! DM me if you want to find out how 😉📲 . . . #travellife #travelfamily #cincinnati #giantpiano #outdoorpiano #ohio #smaleriverfrontpark #funnight #homeschooling #homeschoolfamily #tralevers #outdoors #music #pianolover #bossmom #entrepreneurs #goalachiever #growthmindset #wifiwealth

Address: Lytle Park Historic District, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, United States


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Not available 6 months ago.

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