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    R.I.P: Cosmic Art Piano. 😥 (June-October 2016). I found out this morning in an email that somebody had horribly vandalized and dismantled the public piano I painted in downtown Davis. I can't figure out why someone would want to destroy a public piece of art that people use to create music/connect with their creativity and each other. However, all things are impermanent after all...the piano had a great summer and is now being relocated...not sure what will happen. Thanks to everyone who played and enjoyed this piece!! It definitely was quite an experience to create it. #inthekeyofdavis #art #love #positivevibes #music #publicart #keeponkeepingon

Address: Mishka's Cafe, 610, 2nd Street, Downtown Davis, Davis, Yolo County, California, 95616, United States

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