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    One of my favorite stops on the east coast this past fall/winter, was the time spent at the musical homestead/artist retreat of @snaggymountain. Located in the Northwest part of North Carolina, amongst the Blue Ridge Mountains, this was toward the end of my trip before I had to hightail it back to the west coast for some winter work. By the time I made it here - I was pretty depleted, exhausted and had an anxious mind, which was busy wrapping itself around new projects. Thanks to the wonderful and welcoming sense of community (in addition to the peace and beauty of the natural surroundings), I left feeling restored. There are many more vid’s/photos etc I have to go through, however, here’s a repost that the founder and visionary behind this artist homestead, Jared, filmed and put together. ✌🏽❤️ #goodvibes #pianoinnature #stjimmyjoe #pianoinavan #vanlife #travel #musicalhomestead #artistretreat

Address: 171, Windswept Way, Watauga County, North Carolina, 28607, United States

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