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    Have you ever played piano in a train station? One of our favourite things about Scotland just now is the pianos in stations. This was taken at Haymarket (30 mins from us). #music #piano #peoplespianoproject #peoplespiano #musicforall (Video shows a man playing the piano in Haymarket station.)

Address: Cairney, Distillery Lane, Ardmillan, Gorgie/Dalry, City of Edinburgh, Scotland, EH11 2BD, United Kingdom


All black keys seem to be purposely disabled :(

―Martin ( 1 month ago )

The piano at Haymarket isn’t back in situ yet. It was moved out the way at the start of pandemic and not back in place yet, so no one has played it for the past two years.

―Grace Conrad ( 3 months ago )


Available 1 month ago.
Available 1 month ago.
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Is this piano still available?

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