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    As soon as I saw this bridge, I knew it was a perfect place to roll out the piano and play this song written by Paul Simon released 50 years ago in 1970. #likeabridgeovertroubledwater Full YouTube video link in comments/bio. If you want to check it out! And in full disclosure, I’m way behind on posting (currently I’m immersed in an endless New England autumn) - but as I’ve been amassing lots of photos and videos to share, it makes the most sense in my mind to keep things in somewhat of a chronological order. Here’s a video from Split Rock Creek back in September, just as the leaves were beginning to yellow. This bridge is located in Palisades State Park in South Dakota (on the border of Minnesota). This was near Devil’s Gulch and loaded with Sioux quartzite formations, the spires of which are estimated to be somewhere around 1.2 billion years old. #bridgeovertroubledwater #pianocover #pianoplayer #pianoinnature #paulsimon #palisadesinterstatepark #southdakota #minnesota #autumn #palisadespark #splitrock #splitrockcreek #stjimmyjoe #naturelovers #naturevideos #autumnvibes🍁

Address: Boat Ramp, Trailer Sanitation Station, Pipestone County, Minnesota, 56140, United States

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