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    When I received an email on New Years Day from a client requesting a commission of a piano, I couldn’t have been more excited!! 🎉🎹 It was too heavy to move to my workshop at home, so off to Northamptonshire I went this Monday to paint it on situ. Firstly, WHAT A HOME!!! Seriously, the coolest family on the planet! I could witter on forever about their eclectic style and incredible statement pieces that they’ve managed to bag from auctions, but I must tell you about the piano. From their old local pub, it has typical wear and tear of the old days of fag burns and beer stains, which I left in parts as it tells such a tale that they are sentimental about. On top of the paint are all the lyrics of songs from Metallica and Amy Winehouse, through to Chaz & Dave that have truly special memories for them as a couple. It was an absolute pleasure to do and resulted in a very happy client! Happy days ❤️ - - - - #paintedpiano #paintedfurniture #piano #metallica #amywinehouse #journey #graffiti #homeinspo #eclectus #eclectichome #funky #collector #colourpop

Address: Main Road, Wilby, North Northamptonshire, East Midlands, England, NN6 0TW, United Kingdom


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