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  • 4 years ago

    Turquoise piano, gifted artwork, The Good Shepherd, family snapshots, and a reminder of WHO? & WHAT? I’m representing...this is one of my favorite corners in our home! On a whim, I painted the piano about 12 years ago...I had a little left over paint and just started spreading it. So glad I didn’t stop to think about “how” to paint a piano 🤪, because it al ways makes me smile. And those sheep...a generous gift from an artist friend of mine. The “Represent” sign and architectural piece were found at @middletownpeddlersmall and the picture of Jesus (to know me is to know I have a tHiNg for these old renderings of HIM) was discovered at an estate sale💜. Friends, enjoy your home...make it different and make it yours! Happy Sunday...look for the goodness in a day of rest! 💜 #vintage #thepickedandpaintedhome #paintedpiano #turquoise #pickingkentucky #found #peweevalley #sunday
  • 5 years ago

    What? You don’t have a blue piano!?!?! @heartthatslight Humble tip: if there is something you’ve been wanting to try, just do it...it’s only paint on a wall or a piece of furniture...it’s not a life or death issue. Just try it...what’s the worst that can happen? You’re out a little time and a couple dollars worth of paint...enjoy making your house your own and a place where other feel safe and loved. #bringtolightinteriorpaintings #thepickedandpaintedhome #paintedpiano #turquoise #color #loveyourhome #beyou #blessothers #color #countrylivingmag #art #paintedfurniture

Address: 298, Mount Mercy Drive, Pewee Valley, Oldham County, Kentucky, 40056, United States

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