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    Several years ago, I was exploring Detroit, Michigan and came across a painted street piano. A street piano is a piano placed in a public area that encourages passersby to stop and play – a concept credited to artist Luke Jerram. When I returned home, I decided I want to bring the concept to #Syracuse, Eastwood specifically. I reached out to a few individuals and a plan was crafted. A piano was donated by the Lutz family (of Lutz Monuments on James Street). Eastwood artist, Dan Bingham (@dbinghamart), volunteered to paint the piano. Local business owner, Steve Skinner, stored the piano during the project and will ultimately house the piano at his property - the Palace Theatre (@palacesyracuse), where it will be wheeled out and placed under the marquee on appropriate days. This afternoon, we held a small unveiling of the piano outside the Palace as Michael Passarelli Jr. played some tunes. Note, the street piano won’t be out much until the pandemic is over – but look for it in the future and stop by and tickle the ol ivories. Eastwood wants to hear you play! Anyways, I’m so impressed with @dbinghamart’s design and execution for the piano. It looks incredible. #SyracuseHistory #palacepiano #streetpiano

Address: 233, South Collingwood Avenue, Eastwood, Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York, 13206, United States


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Is this piano still available?

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