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    . While chatting with my friends near the piano this wonderful man came to play the piano , he arrived in silent and he left in silent , it was a conversation between him and the piano and it was very emotional as you can feel the feeling , it was a combination of emotions of sadness , loneliness, memories all together, he peacefully left the piano after about 10 minutes and we didn't exchanged any words but we communicated using only the sound of his emotions by touching the piano.. Piano designed by: @robpadovanofineart Photo by : @pianist_without_borders Piano installed by @singforhope #singforhope #artforall #lincolncenter #piano1000 #robertpadovano #art #artist #music
  • 4 years ago

    . Our friend Ed love so much @singforhope pianos , this is the third time that Ed visited NYC every june to play the pianos, i also met Ed in many others countries like England, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Netherland , what a joy to be around him , off course he truly deserved the SFH T-shirt. Thank you Ed. So many talented people playing this beautiful piano at Lincoln Center for the '1000 public piano played - celebration'. Piano designed by: @robpadovanofineart Photos by : @pianist_without_borders Piano installed by @singforhope #singforhope  #artforall  #lincolncenter  #piano1000 #robertpadovano  #art  #artist  #music

Address: George M. Cohan, West 46th Street, Times Square, Manhattan, New York County, New York, 10036, United States

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