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    For three days Eindhoven Central Station had to do without a piano. The beloved white piano, arranged by @tueindhoven student @davidhordijkmusic two years ago, was demolished during violent riots in the city on Sunday 24 January. Hordijk: “I had worked so hard for that first station piano; at that moment it all felt totally useless.” . A group of Eindhoven entrepreneurs however provided a new, shiny black piano in no time. 𠇊 symbol of hope”, Hordijk calls it. To underline this, he is giving a one-hour concert from Eindhoven Central Station - everyone can watch it tonight via www.thesessions.stream (swipe for more info), starting at 9 p.m. 🎹 . The original piano will be given a place in the Railway Museum @spoorwegmuseum in Utrecht. . 📸 @brainportpixels #piano #pianoconcert #stationpiano #eindhovencentraal #riots #davidhordijk #concert #online #eindhoven #citylife #studentlife #music #hope #tueindhoven #cursortue

Address: Philitelaan, Strijp S, Strijp, Eindhoven, North Brabant, Netherlands, 5617AL, Netherlands


It is in a very poor state now, and the stool is gone. I try contacting NS both online and at the station and they didn't seem to care. BOL pianos also didn't respond.

―David ( 6 months ago )

― ( 7 months ago )

It is working but quite out of tune. And the travel of the keys is very very low, it is hard to play, needs some adjustments. It doesn't seem to have broken keys though

―David ( 8 months ago )


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Is this piano still available?

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