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    who did this... 📸- @liesellovejewelry
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    Spontaneous piano street jams with French strangers, and the initiation of a Southwestern quartz crystal (that @seaemmkay gifted to me synchronistically) in the dirty waters of my childhood that were my point of refuge in the early years 😂 Last night , after work, I went to a show in Brooklyn and immediately noticed that all the stiff faces were swiftly broken by a drunk guy holding a blow up flamingo beer holding tube and wearing a leather jacket that said ‘space punk’. Like any good old Sagittarius he was not shy to let us all know that it was his birthday (5 million times) and start a mini mosh pit in a bar with an initially sparse crowd . As his limbs flailed around in the arms of another guy who had picked him up, the girl next to me leaned in with a shocked face and said “I’m not from here, is this NorMAL?!”. 2 seconds later a tall young lady with a voluptuous Afro passed by me and said, “You’re a BABE”. I relished, briefly, how much more endearing that is to hear from a random sister, than a random man. After the show, I had to run away from the clutches of Saggitarius man who decided I was his target for the night, so I headwd toward the tacos because I’m what reality are tacos not a valid reason to say adieu?. As I wait for my tacos someone began to talk to me - I come to find they are from Michigan, where I had just left a few days ago, and before I know it everyone was excitedly reveling in the hidden eccentricities and charms of Michiganders. Since I am used to my life being one succession of synchronicities that ebb and flow and bleed into one another like a giant web of magic, I quietly wink as the universe winks back. As I leave, a drag queen in a pink wig and chandelier earrings bikes past and I think ok, thank you NYC for showing me that you still have a scrap of flavor left in your expensive bones. . . . . . #absurdity #tales #streetpianos #brooklyn #williamsburg

Address: 352, Graham Avenue, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, 11211, United States

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