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    Today I fly to Athens (episode 9 of MY URBAN PIANO) to work with @daviddraad for the third time already. This young Danish director has filmed two beloved episodes of MY URBAN PIANO: “Joy” (Aarhus) and “River of Love” (Prague). We are accompanied by the great @morris.jpeg, who will film the ‘making of’. My piece for Athens is so very near and dear to my heart: “Agios O Theos”, a prayer from the Good Friday liturgy. In times like these, prayers are more important than ever. Even if my musical message is a message of joy, hope and love, there is no way to escape the suffering and pain that life throws at us sometimes. It is my sincere deep wish that music will help to heal wounds in so many of us. Music is a bringer of peace, a messenger of light, a weapon of love that can unite us with our deepest self and with the eternal light that shines in each and every heart. I look forward to working with the beautiful children and teachers of Pedagogiki, primary school of Piraeus, who designed the piano for my next episode and will perform my composition “Agios O Theos” – a tribute to the Christian roots of Greece and Europe. • • • #athens #myurbanpiano #episode9 #agiosotheos #hagioshotheos #prayer #choir #piano #pianist #composer #children #christian #byzantine
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    Back to London and the @arsenalladies #eyeson #airportpiano #happybirthday @emmsb30

Address: Terminal A, 4, Route de Trèves, Niederanven, Canton Luxembourg, 2016, Luxembourg

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