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    You can have whatever you’re willing to go out & fight for consistently🔥! I’m grateful I had accomplished a lot in my twenties, the American 🇺🇸 dream: House 🏡 , business, kids, marriage, Pickett fence. I asked God is this all I have to life because I felt empty? I Did not like his answer… And next, I lost it all! I had to change my career. First few years as a Real Estate Agent I wrestled with quitting, maybe I’m not meant to be an entrepreneur. Each time I wanted an escape & take an average job when things were hard or financially strenuous I was reminded how miserable I𠆝 be if I put limits on myself if I chose to conform and build someone else’s dream, my spirit would die. Ultimately, I𠆝 Reassess the hardship and come up with different ways to attack and build a new plan. Those beginning years were so lonely, so painful. Not only did I have to be a beacon of hope and strength for my kids but for myself, and many times the uncertainty was so intense I would end up crying all night, even my family would not support the grand visions I had set out to achieve, but I knew it was the right thing to do, keep fighting another day to build myself into this new career(Real Estate), new woman, powerful, with strong core values and centered with God! Here’s the wisdom of all your hardships and commitments, it’s never an easy road, it’s messy, it’s full of challenges and endless hours of hard work, questioning yourself, questioning life’s purpose and journey. During those challenges there would be wins(mental tough seas , financial gains, confidence ) you can cry, be angry or choose to enjoy the process. I started looking at life as a video game, each level for me to master, emotional, financial, relational, entrepreneur, motherly, spiritual growth! I used to think I needed someone to rescue me from my problems, now having gone year after year of struggles and over come so many dark negative thoughts, setbacks, I am confident in myself and all the things I’ve built, and now can empower so many others! Don’t give up! You’re capable of so much!! 🙏 #successleavesclues

Address: Parking Garage II, Arts Circle, Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, Florida, 33431, United States

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