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    Oo she’s finally finished! Not much lettering in this one but that wasn’t the point. A little backstory: the owner of the @coffeehousenj in @downtownclarabarton has been dreaming of having a piano painted to match the vibe and branding of his coffee shop so he asked me to come up with something that would really feel like it belonged in the space. Their brand colors are red, black and white and their main theme is (you guessed it) music! The jukebox icon is also a part of their branding, so I really wanted to include it. I’m so happy to wrap up this project now as their music weekends are kicking off for the summer! Plus my super talented husband gets to perform here at the end of this month!

Address: 30, Colton Road, Washington Park, Edison, Middlesex County, New Jersey, 08817, United States

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