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    I had the utmost pleasure of attending yesterday's Closing Ceremony for the 2019 Pianos For Peace Festival with the talented students of #MarthaStilwellSchoolOfTheArts and #FredrickDouglassHighSchool. During this festival, a colorful collection of 88 pianos have been displayed throughout Metro Atlanta and Fulton County. A great initiative to spread peace by making music accessible to everyone in the community. Thank you @fultonarts and our Fulton County volunteers who helped support this year’s festival. Thank you also to Pianos For Peace Founder and CEO, @malekjandali for inviting me to the ceremony. If you would like to explore Pianos for Peace locations near you, download the free iPhone or Android @pianosforpeace app. #FulCoD4 #PianosforPeace | @pianosforpeace #StilwellSchoolOfTheArts | @stilwell.singingbrothers #FredrickDouglassHighSchool
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    An unforgettable symphony for peace at @atlairport today celebrating #internationaldayofpeace and the closing ceremony of the 2019 #pianosforpeace festival with talented students of #marthaellenstilwellschoolofthearts #fredrickdouglashighschool @bulldog_bark_n_bites_ @apsupdate @fultoncoschools @cityofatlantagovernment and a big #thankyou to @cocacola for the timely and meaningful sponsorship where together we’re building peace through music and #education while making the arts accessible to all. This #pianosforpeace is designed and painted by #atlanta based #artist @cerban_art and thanks to @fultonarts @cityofatlantagovernment @atlantaoca for your continued support and to all our volunteers and all the #atlanta communities who joined our symphony for peace.

Address: The Georgia State Capitol, 206, Washington Street Southwest, South Downtown, Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia, 30334, United States


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Is this piano still available?

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