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    𠇌reativity takes courage” — Henri Matisse . It’s really hard to be different, to take risks and stand out. Blending in, doing what’s expected, following the “rules” and not making noise is easier. There’s less rejection, less criticism . It takes patience, perseverance and strength to buck the trends, march to your own drum beat and know in your heart you’re doing something that people need to see — if you could just get it seen . But, damn, sometimes it pays off. @frankie.zombie_ takes the ordinary things we see everyday and makes them extraordinary: pianos, shoes, skateboards, chairs, jewelry, and, of course, “traditional” art you can hang on your walls (swipe for examples of some of his collaborations) . What a brain he has! Bronx-born, South Carolina living and completely self made - he is an inspiration and a light . I love all of his work but the pianos are BEYOND. They are already functional art, as far as I’m concerned, beautiful in their own right but he makes them completely unique showstoppers! . Can you imagine having one of these in your home? . I have no doubt that the work of Frankie would have stopped Henri Matisse in his tracks ❤️

Address: 298, Magnolia Street, Spartanburg, Spartanburg County, South Carolina, 29303, United States

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