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    Part 1/6 As much I love playing the piano I also love and enjoy so much listening others playing while I'm taking photos at the same time, priceless magic memories. Sing for Hope Piano: Life in Technicolor Sing for Hope Piano Artist: Sebastian Kauderer ARTIST STATEMENT The piano entitled “Life in Technicolor” portraits how music can bring color and hope to life. The wide spectrum of colors creates a unique piece full of life which catches the attention of the eye instantly. The different tones and shades play with each other moving from one place to another almost like a dance between light and darkness. More info at: https://www.singforhope.org/piano-details/sebastian-kauderer/ Piano Location: New York Public Library Main Branch #singforhope #artforall #pianistwithoutborders #globalpublicpianos #SFHPianos #music #onelove #artforchange #nyc #nyc2019 #piano #publicpiano #streetpiano #SebastianKauderer #NewYorkPublicLibrary #NewYork #PublicLibraryMainBranch #nypl #piano985

Address: Tysoe Street, Rosebery Avenue, Clerkenwell Green, Clerkenwell, London Borough of Islington, London, Greater London, England, EC1R 4SD, United Kingdom

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