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    It was an absolutely amazing experience to work with my friend George on our first video. Shooting outdoors involves a lot of challenges - the first one apparently is the weather and London is definitely not famous for his nice weather 😀 In the last year they were 63 sunny days in London, compared to Los Angeles with 260 days - you have to be really lucky to shoot outdoors in England 😁\n\nThe next funny thing about shooting outdoors are the people 🙂 Because with shoot in public places in London there are people everywhere. At one moment people were doing yoga in front of me, and I had to pretend that nothing was happening. Kids were asking me if I can play something for them, a dog at one moment decided to cross over my feet while we were shooting and we had to stop 😁\n\nHalf an hour later a lady came to us and asked if we could leave the place because they were about to have a yoga class there. She was like: \

Address: The O2, Up at The O2, Greenwich Peninsula, Royal Borough of Greenwich, London, Greater London, England, SE10 0DX, United Kingdom

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