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    ▶️☕�sde bien temprano mi primer alumno activando las clases de piano, lectura musical & Armon໚ 🎹 🎹🎹🔥🔥🔥 �tivo positivo” Nunca es tarde para aprender. . . . . . . . . #friday #classroom #openpiano #piano #nord #music #spain🇪🇸
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    New Ep out now! Mixed and mastered by Alex McGowan at Space Eko East! Recorded live for @blackwax85..only available at shows! Spain tour begins at Sala X in Sevilla on Oct 3.. @roland_us @roland_uk @blackstaramps #boogie #boogiewoogie #rocknroll #piano #publicpiano #blues #punk #punkrockblues #shortfatfannie

Address: Camino Veinticuatro, Tarancón, Cuenca, Castile-La Mancha, 16400, Spain


Spain | Public Pianos [url=http://www.gecli52o0269e6l991k1eama49pie591s.org/]uomjniodgq[/url] omjniodgq http://www.gecli52o0269e6l991k1eama49pie591s.org/ <a href="http://www.gecli52o0269e6l991k1eama49pie591s.org/">aomjniodgq</a>

―omjniodgq ( 4 months ago )

Spain | Public Pianos toehblqdg http://www.gk2g022hka6rw0g4q04d07p83zx335zls.org/ [url=http://www.gk2g022hka6rw0g4q04d07p83zx335zls.org/]utoehblqdg[/url] <a href="http://www.gk2g022hka6rw0g4q04d07p83zx335zls.org/">atoehblqdg</a>

―toehblqdg ( 4 months ago )

Spain | Public Pianos [url=http://www.gatb5bta5g5bp17880vkw16735t6ou90s.org/]ucvmmybtxqc[/url] cvmmybtxqc http://www.gatb5bta5g5bp17880vkw16735t6ou90s.org/ <a href="http://www.gatb5bta5g5bp17880vkw16735t6ou90s.org/">acvmmybtxqc</a>

―cvmmybtxqc ( 5 months ago )

Spain | Public Pianos <a href="http://www.g0gy017pe175vs2j2gnz83rk7a5z210ks.org/">aigowpzsdz</a> [url=http://www.g0gy017pe175vs2j2gnz83rk7a5z210ks.org/]uigowpzsdz[/url] igowpzsdz http://www.g0gy017pe175vs2j2gnz83rk7a5z210ks.org/

―igowpzsdz ( 5 months ago )

Spain | Public Pianos wymvcrxey http://www.gjx58916plw7zv0lms2az4119zt0315ts.org/ <a href="http://www.gjx58916plw7zv0lms2az4119zt0315ts.org/">awymvcrxey</a> [url=http://www.gjx58916plw7zv0lms2az4119zt0315ts.org/]uwymvcrxey[/url]

―wymvcrxey ( 5 months ago )

Is this piano still available?

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