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    Sadly, Scooby and the crew weren’t inside 😥 Went out to the Foster-Powell neighborhood in SE today for my run. The last time I was out in this area was for IIIPA Fest at @nwipapdx which I'm pretty sure Fatheads won, which is my way of saying it's been a few years. Needless to say, this is an area of Portland I don't find myself in very often, but it's a lovely area nonetheless. . . Foster-Powell is one of the more diverse neighborhoods in Portland and on my run today I saw signs for businesses in Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Spanish and heard all of those languages spoken, except Russian. Swung by the Mercado which is a small retail spot for Latinx businesses (mostly food carts) and ate some amazing arepas. Also ended up wandering through a semi-empty Asian mall and grocery store which was really neat. I've never seen so much ginger in my entire life 🤤 Portland is not a very diverse city at all, so it was nice to get to see another side of it that I don't normally get to see. And it was absolutely perfect weather-wise for running so that helped too. There's a few extra photos and the route to the 👉 . . . #run #everysinglestreet #fatguyscanruntoo #instarunners #portlandrunning #running #runeveryday #portland #runpdx #fopo #scoobydoo #dog #streetart #pianopushplay

Address: Shun Fat Supermarket, Southeast 80th Avenue, Arleta, Foster-Powell, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, 97206, United States

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