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    Play Me was part of a global placemaking project \
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    We crossed the border and 🐻 was so excited to climb the 1000 Islands Tower and I begrudgingly agreed IF we took the elevator. Less than two steps off the elevator, I asked if they could take me back down (the “ground” was uneven and they mentioned having had the structural engineer out recently/reopened today) they said “we’ve got one coming down— she’s scared of heights” over the walkie-talkie 🥺 so I told them I’m not scared of everything... I sing in front of hundreds of people every week! They were really sweet about it. My hands and feet were sweating for a while after. I insisted 🐻 stay up there— he went to the uncovered tippytop like a crazy person. We had schnitzel and streusel (@thebengles - I remembered!) and saw all the pretty houses in Gananoque and I picked up a cute skirt at a vintage shop. Oh and we played a few songs on a public piano downtown! 🐻 plays beautifully and he LOVES when I put him on the spot 😶 #gananoque #canada🍁 #northernborder #passportstamps #roadtrip #airmattresslife #lastnight #publicpiano #ontario
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    Street piano #ganacoque #pianolove #pianos #streetpianos #instacolour
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    We love Free Pianos in the Park 💛 Tony’s impromptu serenade definitely spiced up our walk through Gananoque, ON CutroneMusic.com #cutrone #cutronemusic #freepiano #serenade #gananoque #pianointhepark

Address: The Socialist Pig, 21, King Street East, Gananoque, Eastern Ontario, Ontario, K7G 1E8, Canada

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