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    UBER COME TO VANCOUVER! We wrote a SONG for you!!!! Anyone that knows me is aware of the fact that I can’t believe Vancouver still doesn’t have UBER!!!! It’s crazy. Okay I understand the taxi cab drivers concerns, but it works in every other city that have cabs - so it’s not acceptable. Besides, I truly am tired of getting into stinky cabs all over the city, while cabbies talk loudly on their cell phones (mainly in foreign languages) most of the ride - it’s rude. I’d like to be able to rate my drivers and get courteous service. I REALIZE I may get stink eye from a few of you, but COME ON it’s free enterprise. We should live in a free market society where consumers have a right to choose. Competition breeds better quality service and cheaper rates, that's the free enterprise way, that is how most of our society functions, shouldn't it with transportation??? @uber @uber_canada @ubereats_canada #uber #ubervancouver @ubervancouver2018 @cbcvancouver @ctvvancouver @globalbc #pianosonthestreet @rosemarysiemens *bad hair don’t care lol

Address: 1226, Hamilton Street, Yaletown, Downtown, Vancouver, District of North Vancouver, Metro Vancouver Regional District, British Columbia, V6B 2S8, Canada

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