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    A pop up piano concert is planned for Saturday, October 12 at 1 pm at the Ferry Landing Public Piano. “Sit a Spell and Play a Tune” is an interactive, artistic and musical public art program that places three brightly wrapped pianos at outdoor locations around Coronado. The pianos are open to be played by anyone. The program is in its third year. The pianos were donated by residents and wrapped in artwork by local artists Jody Esquer, Tina Christiansen and Karrie Jackson. Businesses and organizations adjacent to the pianos volunteer to open and close the pianos daily. They can be played from 10am to 9pm. The pianos provide access to musical opportunity, foster creativity, and build a sense of community among the public and, in the process, raise awareness for public art and music initiatives. Performers of all ages and skillsets are encouraged to participate. If you’re interested in performing, please contact Arts Education and Performing Arts Commissioner Mariah Gillespie at mariah@msmariahsmusic.com. #sitaspellandplayatune #coronadoart #coronadoferrylanding #publicpiano #popupmusic #coronadobridge
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    Hey @tomholland2013, this one’s for you!! 🎹🎼🕸😁 . . . #spiderman #tomholland #piano #coronadoisland #californiadreaming #coronadoferrylanding #outdoorpiano #fanx #spidermanfarfromhome
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    #regram: @coronadoferrylandingshops and @misspianist67 teach the kids over at the Urban Discover Academy a thing or two on their beautifully illustrated piano... ...and the kids teach us how to make the perfect face. #playmeSD #pianosinpublicspaces

Address: Bikes & Beyond, 1st Street, Coronado, San Diego County, California, 92135, United States


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Is this piano still available?

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