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    Of course we can! We made a tone of pics with this piano. And this one is still one of my favorite travel photos. By the way, we still keep this piece of wood washed by the ocean. Yes! We were crazy enough to bring it home! (Actually we always take some strange souvenirs like stones, bones, wood pieces...) Later I found out that each year, Oak Bay scatters 3-4 beautifully painted pianos. Some are right on the water along Beach Drive, some throughout the residential streets. Also, Cattle Point Urban Star Park is one of the best places in Victoria to get a good view of the stars, as it is one of the only two Urban Star Parks in Canada where artificial lighting is controlled to reduce light pollution. #travelphotography #easypeasytrip #travelblog #travelstory #travellingmom #travelcanada #traveltime #beautifulcanada #beautifulbc #paintedpiano #pianomusic #pianophotography
  • 4 years ago

    We were walking along the ocean front when all of a sudden we came across a piano sitting just off the beach. A beautiful painted piano. Sitting right on the beach. Piano. On the beach. It was such an amazing find! Who did that? Can we play on it? Or can we make pictures at least? (Read more in the next post) #travelphotography #easypeasytrip #travelblog #travelstory #travellingmom #travelcanada #traveltime #beautifulcanada #beautifulbc #paintedpiano #pianomusic #pianophotography

Address: 2320, Beach Drive, Estevan Village, Oak Bay, Capital Regional District, British Columbia, V8R 5V6, Canada

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